Shinn Fu Company of America, Inc.

MAP Policy - Notification Letter – U.S.A.

Dear Customer:

Enclosed, please find Shinn Fu Company of America, Inc.’s Minimum Advertised Price Policy (“MAP”) which will initially apply to Omega Wheel Arm (92100).  The MAP is also available on our website at:  SFA MAP Policy.

The rationale for the MAP is articulated in the introduction to the Policy:

As a leading innovator of automotive accessories, SFA is proud of its role in pioneering new products, designs, and innovative production methods that reduce costs and improve the quality of products in our industry.

We recognize that our high-quality dealers invest time and resources to deliver an extraordinary customer experience through knowledgeable staff and compelling vendor presentation. To support these efforts, SFA wishes to establish policies that allow resellers to earn the profits necessary to maintain the high level of customer excellence people have come to expect from SFA dealers and also maintain the high level of perceived quality for SFA products in the marketplace.

As a result, SFA has unilaterally adopted a MINIMUM ADVERTISED PRICE POLICY (“MAP Policy”). This MAP Policy is aimed at assuring that the perceived value of SFA products remains high which also supports the perception of SFA’s brands, reputation and competitiveness.

The MAP does not restrict you from making choices as to the price you charge to your customers.  The MAP simply sets a floor for the advertisement of prices but leaves you free to charge a lower price, provided that it is not advertised.  MAP polices are issued on a “unilateral basis” meaning that SFA is not permitted to discuss or reach agreements regarding MAP with its customers.

SFA is confident that implementation of the MAP will enhance the business environment for SFA Products by assuring that the perceived quality of SFA Products covered by the MAP is maintained.  If you have any questions regarding the MAP, please call Customer Service at (816) 891-6390.  SFA is happy to respond to your questions but please understand that, necessarily, the MAP is not up for debate as SFA unilaterally responsible for the promulgation and implementation of the MAP.